All about the best plugins needed to install a chatbot on WordPress

A chatbot is a computer tool designed as a support program to promote exchanges and interact with Internet users. Find out by reading on what are the best plugins for installing a chatbot on WordPress. 

What are the best plugins to implement a chatbot on WordPress ?

A plugin is a tool in IT that allows you to evaluate and track the customer journey on your site. It allows you to maintain the relationship with your customers. For more details, visit the official site. Thus, there are different plugins for installing a chatbot on WordPress. They are grouped in 2 categories: those free to install and those to pay. 
Indeed, the free plugins that are better to install on WordPress are : GoBot, MyChatBot and Botsifier. GoBot has complex features that make it easier to analyze and track customers on your site. MyChatBot has an artificial intelligence and different options to facilitate customer relations. Regarding Botsifier, it is the most used, because it allows you to integrate images or videos and to take care of several users at the same time. On the other hand, the best paid plugins offer wider, more personalized and more complete functionalities. These are Chatbot with IBM Watson, which is very useful for large companies; Woowbot, which is suitable for commercial structures by promoting sales on their sites and Virtual Spirit, which is more suitable for demanding customers.

Why use a Chatbot to improve customer relations ?

Even if it is a computerized program that is a bit expensive, the Chatbot has its usefulness which is not to be neglected. It allows you to improve the image of your brand or company. You can therefore personalize it so that it represents your company. This intelligent robot will facilitate the purchase by the customers. Thanks to this automatic assistance, customers will feel confident and more engaged.
In addition, the Chatbot helps to collect information about customers in order to propose more personalized offers. It will save on the cost of customer service through automated repetitive programming.