Everything you need to know before making timelapses

Timelapses are animations made from photos taken over a long period of time. Such a video can summarize in a few minutes, an upset that occurs during a week, a month or a year. However, to have more information to make quality timelapses, you must continue reading.

What is the principle of timelapses ?

The purpose of timelapses is the assembly of photos, obtained in a specific time interval, to make an animation, to be followed with an accelerated effect. That being said, pop over to these guys.
Timelapses are perfectly suited to many scenes. We should mention the movements of stars in the night, clouds, cars or people. Or, they can be used to film the evolution of a construction project, the effect of time on a face, the growth of a plant or a fruit, etc.

In order to make timelapses, you need to have the right equipment and techniques. Thus, a camera, an intervalometer, a tripod, a computer, a video editing software, are useful to create quality timelapses. That said, the handling of the tools are better detailed on the internet for the different steps of a timelapse.

What is the use of timelapses ?

The timelapse technique is used both scientifically and artistically to highlight several events. However, this practice also extends to several other levels. It allows to follow the redesign of a retail outlet, the construction of any size building site and other real estate.

In fact, timelapses allow to discover any activity meticulously and in less time. They also represent an effective communication tool.
This technique of photography produces striking and attractive videos, which can be viewed by everyone. Timelapses give more visibility to a business, whether it is in the event industry, in the construction industry or any other sector. 

Moreover, for a company, timelapses bring in more customers, by attracting the attention of potential partners. They are also economical, as they can be used to make impactful advertisements.