Flirting and seducing your best friend: the best tips

Being in love with your best friend is the most complicated thing that can happen to a man. It is a situation that puts you in conditions that do not suit you. On that note, the best solution to turn the situation in your favour is to seduce the friend and get her to love you too. But how could this be possible, especially when the girl has got it into her head that nothing can happen between you? Read this article carefully.

Approach the girl with patience and positivity

This first point is important, because approaching your best friend is not a simple matter. You should not go straight for the girl, that would be like looking at the post and deciding to send the ball wide of the goal. To start with, you need to feel a minimum of physical attraction to her. This is a good start to seduce her. But if you don't notice anything about her, all attempts at seduction will be in vain.

Doing without best friend status

If you want your girlfriend to notice that you feel love for her, you have to show her that you are no longer willing to share everything with her. This method will help you to stop telling her everything, such as your love affairs, and you need to take a step back and be an object of fantasy from now on. Do everything you can to make her notice that you are no longer there just to support her as a friend, but that you like her.

Don't be afraid to reveal your feelings for her

After you have distanced yourself from her, this is the best time to declare or tell her your intentions towards her. Tell her directly that you are attracted to her. However, keep in mind that this is not a declaration of love. You need to be prepared to play the attraction/rejection game. Why not check if she is jealous by talking to her about other women?

Make physical contact at every opportunity

It's important to become tactile. If you see each other, you can try to touch her, especially the sensitive parts that may fill her with desire. Never get tired of staring into her eyes. And to sum it all up, put your friendship on hold and show yourself in love.