The best dragon brand necklaces

Having high-end branded necklaces is luxurious but still branded dragon is more valiant.  Because of the diversity of this brand, it is important to know the best ones in order to make the right choice.  Here in this article are the most available dragon brand necklaces on the market.

 316L stainless steel dragon necklace-Ronaturelle

Most commonly referred to as surgical steel, the 316L stainless steel collar is a dragon plaque.  Resistant and strong, this high-end steel is the mark usually found in goldsmiths.  Its particularity is composed of chrome and steel.  This allows it to always remain shiny like silver and gold.  Also be aware, it is a resistible necklace (its color and shade do not fade).  In addition, 316L steel does not blacken naturally. He would undoubtedly say that the dragon brand is a reference

 925 sterling silver dragon necklace – Majesty

Sterling Silver, otherwise known as 925 Silver, is a rare and refined alloy.  It is very often used for making rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and jewelry of all kinds.  This noble metal is made from pure silver (92.5%).  The remaining 7.5% is filled with materials giving the jewel very resistant, such as copper and zinc.  Refined in a delicate silver color, this dragon-effigy necklace is perfect for gracefully embellishing your style, all in softness, finesse and subtlety.

 Zirconium dragon necklace-Brilliant

The dragon zirconium necklace, is an unwavering metal made from Zircon.  It is a very attractive alloy that adorns some of our works.  Designed by the human hand, this semi-precious stone is extremely popular in the jewelry galaxy, not least for its physical similarity to diamonds.  It symbolizes various colors such as : emerald, sapphire, ruby ​​or even amethyst.

There are other types of dragon brand necklaces that are not mentioned in this article.  In this case necklaces with quartz, crystal, gold plated, etc.